Our Process

We’ve had to get operational far faster than we expected. In response to the pandemic we’ve focused on lowering the amount of people in the jail as much as we can.

We are focusing on those most vulnerable to the virus. Please contact us if you know anyone being incarcerated pre-trial at the Forsyth County Detention Center who is older or has a medical condition. We can’t make any promises regarding anyone’s bail but with your help we can draw up a list to aim for.

In response to the civil unrest sparked by the murder of George Floyd, we’re determined to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter and abolitionist movements by paying the bail of those arrested while protesting.

We retain final discretion over who is and is not able to receive our funds.

We are not a legal service organization and the communications, thoughts, and expressions of any representative of the Forsyth County Community Bail Fund do not constitute solicitation or provision of legal advice.

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